Our Programs

We provide sporting & recreational activities, community inclusion, work skills, personal and living skills, with the use of lesson plans developed by our staff.

  • Our programs are tailored the each group taking in to consideration the participant needs, participants goals and abilities.
  • Our service hours are between 9.00am to 4.30pm – longer than any other services.
  • We provide a great pick up and drop off system, at a cost of $7.50 each way or alternatively you may drop off and pick up directly at centres.
  • All daily activities attract a daily activity charge of $6.00 per day, which is invoiced monthly.

Day Options

Xlent Day Options provide:

  • Programs that are developed from the participants personal interests and goals
  • Various groups tailored to suit different support needs
  • Programs that are outcome focused
  • The opportunity to change groups as his or her needs change
  • Access to our various centres for centre-based activities
  • A pick-up and drop-off service (conditions apply)
  • Each group with their own vehicle
  • Exposure to work skills and independent living skills
  • Specialist support groups for individuals which present significant behaviours of concern – with staff implementing positive behaviour support strategies
  • A ‘Success Club’ where work skills through business orientated programs are gained
  • Computer training rooms

View an example of one of our programs and the associated details.

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Day Option Themes

  • Recreation

    We utilise community and internal services to provide a range of recreational pursuits during the year. Cycling, bowls and each program will have a specialist activity provided to encourage personal challenge to participants.

  • Arts

    Painting, craft, cultural art, performances, music, indigenous culture are some of the categories provided in this theme. Using the skills of our team and external community groups to provide these activities for the purpose of developing creativity and expression.

  • Sports

    We provide a range of individual and team sports, such as ICA sports, golfing and football. With the emphasis to build cooperation, motor skills, agility and personal fitness.

  • Fitness

    We create fitness programs for people throughout the year, designing blocks of activity, such as swimming and bushwalking, where people build on current fitness levels. This extends in to indoor gym facilities throughout winter to maintain personal fitness levels.

  • Outdoor

    We specialize in providing adventure activities, such as bushwalking, kayaking and rock climbing. We teach a range of bushcraft and safety.  These activities also help develop personal confidence, empathy to others and working as part of a team.

  • Environmental

    The groups have their own recycling program and participate in land care and other environmental projects to encourage awareness about the environment.

  • Sensory

    Music Therapy & Massage sensory activities.

  • Work skills

    Work skills and “The Success Club”

    This program is incorporated into the small business projects such as gardening recycling. The groups also detail cars and use computers to develop these projects. The funds are banked for participants and used to finance and set up new activities, e.g. washing machines to learn laundry sills, a camp for recreation.