Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs in 2020

For information on our April Holiday Program please contact us on (08) 8165 2023 or email us at [email protected]

Natural History Museum & Popeye Ride 14.4.20

Enjoy a fun day out in Adelaide City. 

Experience an educational tour of the Natural History Museum followed by a magical scenic cruise along the River Torrens on the iconic Popeye.

  • Accessibility: Junior 8 years to 16 years. Popeye is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Cost: Participant Gap Fee $10 per person includes entry ticket on Popeye.
  • NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Adelaide Gaol Experience

Adelaide Gaol Experience 14.4.20

Learn About The Heritage And Significance Of Adelaide Gaol.

Expert volunteer guides share captivating tales of the history of the venue. Experience an escape trail through the iconic grounds, and visit the hard-working Police Horses at Bonython Park.

  • Accessibility: Seniors 15 years and over
  • Cost: Participant Gap Fee $15.00 p.p. includes entry ticket into Adelaide Goal.
  • NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Star Wars Extravaganza

Star Wars Extravaganza 15.4.20

Experience the Star Wars Extravaganza.

Come as your favourite Star Wars character. Games and activities for all during the day so, if you love all things Star Wars, come and let your imagination run wild. May the Force be with you!

  • Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities.
  • Cost: Participant Gap Fee $15.00 per person includes art and craft supplies.
  • NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Indoor Cricket & Nature Walk 15.4.20

Play cricket like a pro!

Indoor cricket brings a host of physical benefits, including improved fitness, muscle strength, and endurance. So come, join in and not only have fun but also take good care of your health and interact with your mates.

Enjoy a rest or a stroll at beautiful Howie Bowie Reserve.

  • Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities
  • Cost: Participant Gap Fee: $10.00 per person includes cost of Indoor Cricket Game.
  • NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Lego-Botics & Board Games 16.4.20

Come And Join Us For A Day Of Learning And Creativity.

Lego-Botics is a fun, interactive and educational program for participants to combine Lego with robots. Participants will have the opportunity to design or decorate their robot using Lego. Learn basic coding to make your robot follow a line or battle against one another. Enjoy an afternoon of indoor games with your friends.

  • Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities.
  • Cost: Participant Gap Fee $0.00
  • NDIS service fee: from $163.80pp*

Wilderness Bush Day @ Woodhouse Activity Centre 16.4.20

Experience your world and learn survival skills.

Enjoy a full-day with an experienced outdoor education manager and our Xlent staff out in the bush. Activities include: bush walking, hut building, survival skills – learn to make damper and a sausage on the B.B.Q, experiencing nature in a new light.

Accessibility: 15 years old and older. Some physical activity required.
Cost: Participant Gap Fee – $20pp includes specialist Outdoor Educator, Equipment and Lunch.
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Sailing and Fishing @ Hindmarsh Island 17.4.20

Enjoy Hindmarsh Island & All It Has To Offer

Enjoy a beautiful day out at Hindmarsh Island where you can explore your world and learn to sail and fish with some of your peers. A day of outdoor activities catering to all abilities, with an outdoor adventure instructor and Xlent support staff.

Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities
Cost: Participant Gap Fee – $50.00 pp includes hire of boats and equipment, bait and Wilderness Outdoor Adventures staff.^
^Minimum of 5 people.
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Wildlife Experience @ Cleland Wildlife Park 21.4.20

Get up close and personal with some cuddly creatures!

See all your favourite Aussie animals including dingos, wombats, echidnas, reptiles, and even pat a koala! Don’t forget to bring your own lunch today.

Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities. Some paths may not be wheelchair accessible.
Cost: Participant Gap Fee $25.00 Adults Concession Entry, $15 Child Entry (4-15years) per person includes entry into Cleland Conservation Park
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Masterchef Cooking Day

Masterchef Cooking Day 22.4.20

Cook up a storm!

Come and join us for a day filled with yummy fun! Get creative in the kitchen and enjoy making and eating some treats and a tasty lunch. This is a real hands-on experience aimed at teaching real life skills. Make Homemade Pizza, Fruit Salad and Ice-cream.

Accessibility: Open all ages and abilities
Cost: Participant Gap Fee $15.00 per person includes all ingredients for lunch,
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

AFL Max Experience 23.4.20

Take fun to the MAX with adrenaline-packed zones guaranteed to blow your mind!

At AFL Max, children and adults will learn new skills, enjoy new experiences, interact with peers and most importantly have fun! We will design a special program for Xlent participants only, that could include activities in their state-of-the-art facility in the Aerial Zone, Bump Zone or Bounce Zone.

Accessibility: 15 years old and older. Some physical activity required.
Cost: Participant Gap Fee – $33.00 per person includes price of session at AFL Max.
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*

Mega Movie Day 24.4.20

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the latest blockbuster!

Your lunch today is included, so no need to pack your own sandwich. Relax this afternoon with some board games back at our North East Centre.

Accessibility: 8 years old and older.
Cost: Participant Gap Fee $25.00 per person includes Movie Ticket and individual pizza.
NDIS Service Fee: from $163.80pp*